Tizen is on its way for Development :Know how you can develop the best "smartwatch" apps with the use of "Tizen"

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Becoming a smart watch app developers is an excellent idea, but what if you are an HTML developer! Will you be ready to understand your vision without changing to a totally unique platform!


Do you have to leave all of your HTML experiences and begin all over again? Do not worry. Tizen becomes to your performance. Tizen is an OS of the Linux line, marking a chain of devices from smartphones to the smart watch and many more.


Though Tizen is a project in the Linux association, it is managed by the Tizen community, whose members combine Samsung, Intel, or other well-known companies in the technology business.


In this article, I will teach you how to install and configure the Tizen SDK for Wearable and generate a smart watch app with the IDE.


Let's get begin.


1) Installing & Configuring the SDK



#Step: 1 Tizen SDK for Wearable


You can download it from the Tizen Developers website. You require for download a proper install manager that suits your operating system and any version.


If you favor an offline installation to an online thing, you require for download an SDK image also.



# Step 2: Requirements


Notice to Tizen's detailed directions to read about the hardware and software specifications your computer should match.


You can install the SDK also if your computer does not meet these hardware requirements.


But, if you do, the smartwatch emulator will be slow, resulting in poor app testing.


Visit the documentation for further details.


It describes how to allow Virtual Reality Application Development in your BIOS and Data performance bar on Windows.


# Step 3: Install the SDK



# Step 4: Configuring the IDE



Browse to the folder in which you have placed the SDK and navigate to the idea subfolder.


Run the executable file named IDE.


After a few seconds, a window will look, ask for a place for the workspace to save the applications you develop. Define a way of your preference for the location and click OK. After the configuration, the IDE should look.



# Step 5: Features of the IDE






On the left pane of the IDE, there are two windows, Connection, Project Explorer. The Project Explorer displays the design performed by the user.


The combination Explorer lists the associated devices that are currently open, emulator situations or remote devices.



# Step 6: Developing an Emulator case




It will need some time to start the emulator.

You should notice a window with an opening screen comparable to the below screenshot when it is done and running. The emulator case should look as an approach in the Connection Explorer.




2) Developing a Simple Comic App:



we are going to build a simple application to display a comic strip. Let's see at some step in turn.



# Step 1: Building a New Project



Let's design a new project in the IDE.

First, You have to Go to File > New > Tizen Wearable Web project.



In the window that looks, select Basic > Basic app and set the Project name to "myapp".







# Step 2: Adding Files, Assets, and Resources



First, we require to adds two subfolders to the myapp project, funny and images.


To make this, right-click the myapp project folder in the IDE and choose New > Folder.


The subfolders should arrive in the expanded myapp folder in the IDE.


Now, create nine HTML files with the next file names in the funny subfolder by right-clicking the comic subfolder and choosing New > File.


Get sure to add the .html increase for the files.


# Step 3: Adding Code



Let's now edit the code in index.html. This file is the entry point of your app.







Now, double-click style.css in the CSS subfolder and modify its contents as given below.






We have added some styling for the body, image, and the navigation cards. Once you have performed the modification, save the file.


Similarly, attach code to all the other HTML files you have build.



# Step 4: Testing the App



To test your application, select the myapp project folder and, from the menu, choose Project > Build Project to build the project. First, you have to sure the emulator instance is up and running.


Right click the "myapp" folder and select Run As > Tizen Wearable Web App to run the project in the emulator. Manage the arrow button in the user interface to navigate to the next or prior page.


Swipe down from the head of the screen to quit the app. In this article, we created a simple funny app with the Tizen SDK for Wearable and drop it on the smart watch emulator that becomes bundled with the IDE.


The actual fun starts when you are able to install and run it on a real device. So this was all about Tizen . Contact us now for further information regarding Tizen ..!


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