Enterprise Android App Development : A Sneak Peak of Android Playing Role at Enterprise Level

Enterprise Android App Development : A Sneak Peak of Android Playing Role at Enterprise Level

Though android is the leading platform covering almost 80% of the global mobile markets. Still, when it comes to enterprise application development, iOS is the ultimate winner. Security concerns and device management problems are the major hurdles being faced and secondly (bitter but true) Android is not a status symbol.

Though the latest outcomes of android smartphones are keeping into consideration above two problems. Still, there are many challenges to be faced. Let's look at the challenges and explore more about the issues.

Why should enterprise support android?

Though we believe that iOS is the most paramount option to support enterprise level application still, android also comprises of some good reasons to include itself in some BYOD programs.

1) Universal availability:

It is quite easier and cheaper to buy android smartphones in all parts of the country.

2) Choice:

The whole concept of (BYOD) “Bring Your Own Device” is allowing employees to choose the phone they utilize at the workplace.

3) Price:

The range of android phone varies from $75 to $750. Though for the enterprise level $75 phone is not that suitable still $150-$200 is quite a nice option to be considered rather to go with $700 phone in an unlocked mode which seems to be quite costly.

As we know, the price is the clear reason why company switches over to android instead of iPhone, it cuts down the hardware investment cost to 1/4th by simply switching to android based gadgets.

How does android application helps at enterprise level?

Android at workplace provides the uniform platform for security and management. So that enterprise can get more out of an android device. Separation in data layer, security and standard tools has been found in android framework. It benefits the company to deploy various no of android devices making them assured that their business is protected and no loopholes are found.

This change in the android device also ensures end user that their personal data remains in the shell and no threat can endanger their data.

Some of the benefits that Android provides at work are:

1) Privacy:

With the BYOD culture, employees are worried that IT administrators do have access to the things on their device but, that is not so true. Only the app data in the work profile is controlled by the android device and the rest of your personal data and information is not accessible and will remain private.

2) Pushed Apps:

There are many companies that offer standard personal information manager tools like that of email, calendar etc. But with the increasing technology, android offers tools such as office 365, customized application etc so that employees can work with ease. The administrator can choose to push specific kind of application down from the device.

What are the problems that are encountered during deployment of android application?

Investors are making a huge investment in android to make it most suitable to be adopted at the enterprise level but still, there are many issues to be faced off to overcome the challenges that prove to be a great hurdle to adopting android at the enterprise level. Here are some of the issues faced:

1) EMM Support:

Some of the leading mobile management services are trying to adapt to the android terms and conditions to act as app delivery module still we expect that most of the MDM providers should have adequate support by 2016 end.

2) Devices:

Each phone manufacturers have the ability to come up with its own android versions but, they need to have the minimum level of hardware and software support to deploy at an enterprise level. Lack of earlier device support will lead to a serious issue when talking about enterprise level application.

So, the bottom line states that the android is still in development stage and time factor needs to be considered when you are working on the android platform.

Biggest Question : How secured is Android?

1) Device - Wide Encryption:

First and the foremost step to activate android at enterprise level work is to encrypt devices so that security of the data is ensured. The process is quite identical to encrypting a PC.

2) Complete Isolation of Personal and Professional Data:

The biggest power for android to indulge in a workplace is the separation of data and personal information for work and personal consent. Example: Content and data for email can be managed with the help of 2 different mail accounts or you can say profiles which cannot interact with each other.

3) Work Profile:

The work profile places a brand icon in the right corner of an application to indicate it as company application. The EMM does have authority to remove, install or wipe data from badge app but, it does not have enough authority to interact with the personal information that does not consist of company badge.

The future of android lies in business productivity and mobility to enhance it at the next level. The aspects are clear to push forward the idea of “mobile-first” approach into enterprise era where business is laced into the fabric of mobility. So, if you wish to go with android application development at enterprise level then Hyperlink Infosystem is the best alternative to hire the team of dedicated android developers. Contact us now to take your enterprise app at the next level.


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