Know Exciting things: Some Apple services Tim Cook could make to Android

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Apple has even great plans for Android. With just iPhone sales starting to slow, it does sense that Apple would start to search other ways of making in return.

This could expect yet more applications like the newly published Apple Music for the compatible mobile platforms, similar Android.


Apple now offers Apple Music for Android, Cook told that Apple Music for Android is not only about the music, but is more a way for the company to examine the possible of making its services to the different platform.


Apple CEO newly announced Apple had 6 million paying Apple Music consumers with 10 million in whole containing free test customers.


From the security point of way, Apple Pay is more one of the key actions for the Cupertino-based company, Though the company will find it tough to achieve its plans, as Apple does not maintain the equal control over the hardware and software of devices operating on the mobile OS of its business competitors.


Let's talk about Apple music for android



Though, the objections inside the reviews seem to approve how tough it is to make constant user experiences on the fragmented Android platform. Although 67% of iOS devices can operate Apple Music, just Android 4.3 or higher is recommended.


Apple is surely trying to become closer. This is a natural app, it seems like and works like an Android app then use should be automatic to anybody who uses that platform.


And, absolutely, this is continuing to make life a few easier for Android users thinking to switch to iOS.

This may grow frequently important in future as Cook newly told us thirty percent of new iPhone consumers were switching from Android.


iAndroid for iPhone

Thus, which of Apple’s services do the knowledge on Android? Here are a few ideas:





The ability to sync data and services over platforms would surely be beneficial to people, especially Family splitting for those using various platforms.

Photos sync would be beneficial, also, which of course needs Apple also offer Photos for Android.

The latter could also produce a chance for developers to sell Photos plug-ins on the different smartphone platform. Apparently built applying Swift.





Apple and the whole publishing enterprise would like to reveal Amazon’s stranglehold on the publishing enterprise. Introducing iBooks to Android would be great for Android users, administrator, artist and also Apple.




Apple Maps have changed so much the app is presently more popular than Google Maps on iPhone and iPad, but it is improbable for Android users to view these changes themselves. They may well be agreeably amazed by the ads-free mapping services. And the different reason not to switch to iPhone would disappear.



Maybe the common likely all platforms service Apple could be creating about might be the extremely rumored streaming television service. After all, the one get away we make have of the new Apple is that everything it does give to Android, the company expect to produce a new revenue stream from it.



iWork in iCloud now lets users work on documents, spreadsheets and performances online doing a browser on Windows and Mac platform, with the Pages, Numbers and theme apps free for iOS.





Why is Google presently possible for iOS but you can not take Siri on Android! After all, we every know Google works its stocks to collect data about its users to help it sell advertisement and everything else it does, but presently Apple has dropped interest in advertisement sales, certainly few Android users would use an advertisement-free option? Not just this but as Siri’s AI gets as it is used, the extra people doing the service the quicker it will grow. Though because it is a cloud-based service, Siri for Android would just need Apple make a clean front end.


If Apple offers all these services to Android, it will allow various Android users to have a more short alliance among their Android phones and iPads and also Mac computers.


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